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Big question, who is responsible for the increasing unemployment in the country?

Big question, who is responsible for the increasing unemployment in the country?

Hash#ag News Bureau June 14,2024

Result of wrong policies
Ever since the NDA government has come to power at the Centre, employment is decreasing. This is the result of the government’s wrong policies. This government is moving towards privatisation of railways and many government companies. The government invites foreign companies by luring them with tax exemptions. It would be better to encourage Indian companies by giving tax exemptions. As many small companies as possible should be given tax and other charges and encouraged. The recruitment process for government jobs should not be put on hold. It should be completed soon.

Government fails to provide jobs
Unemployment in the country has reached its peak and the central government has banned any kind of recruitment after July 2020. Although the reason for this is being told as financial crisis due to Corona, but the truth is that unemployment of youth has increased year after year during the tenure of Modi government. The government also tried to hide the unemployment figures. The government has failed to provide jobs to the youth. The jobs that were left in the private sector are now also hanging in the balance due to Corona. Therefore, it can be said that the central government has failed to provide employment to the youth. During this period, many jobs have also been lost, due to which unemployment has reached its peak. The youth of the country is bearing the brunt of this today.

The government is not paying any attention to the problem
The number of unemployed is continuously increasing, which is a matter of great concern. Despite this, the government is not showing any interest in providing employment. There are lakhs of vacancies in government departments, which if filled, will provide employment to the youth. Apart from this, the government can reduce the problem of unemployment by creating new jobs. The problem is that no such initiative is being taken by the government. Government companies are being privatized, which will only increase unemployment.
The need for employment-oriented education
The education system, the government and the public itself are responsible for the continuously increasing unemployment in the country. In our society, people are dependent on education for employment, but not much attention is being paid to employment-oriented education. In the country, emphasis is laid on making people literate, not on educating them. Increasing population is also a major reason.
-Vipulraj Pitaliya, Singoli, Madhya Pradesh
Employment opportunities should be increased
The problem of unemployment is continuously increasing. Governments and faulty education policy are responsible for this. Governments do not pay attention to increasing employment opportunities. The current education system does not prepare students for employment.

Distance from self-employment is not right

Unemployment is a burning problem in the present times. Many factors can be responsible for increasing unemployment. For example, faulty education policy, weak political will, inconsistencies in rules, lack of quality education, prevalence of cheating and corruption in examinations, lack of social and practical knowledge in education are many such reasons. Today, the youth do get degrees, but they lack the knowledge related to the required qualification. Also, the desire for government service and disinterest in private business and self-employment are also responsible for unemployment.

Uncontrolled population

Uncontrolled population is the main reason for unemployment in the country! Also, the desire for government jobs of the youth who have acquired educational qualification by taking knowledge of pass book, series and selected question papers is also proving to be the cause of unemployment.

Government is responsible

The government is completely responsible for increasing unemployment. In today’s time, even the youth with PhD are unemployed. When fourth class employees are recruited, applications of such youth are also received. There is distrust and discontent among the youth towards the governments. Governments are unable to get the recruitment process done within the stipulated time. It is taking 5 to 10 years to complete a recruitment. Instead of creating new posts in various ministries, the government is also reducing the existing posts. Mechanization is being promoted, which is increasing unemployment.

Quality of employment-oriented courses is important

Increasing unemployment is a burning issue today. Work is needed at various levels for this. The government should continue to create and protect government jobs and promote self-employment. Despite big talks of ‘skill development’, the condition of government ITI, polytechnic and engineering colleges and the quality of training is not hidden from anyone. Employment-oriented courses should be relevant and quality-oriented. Governments should pay attention to regional balance in industrialization.

Faulty education system increasing unemployment

The education system of our country provides only general education and is devoid of practical subject matter. In fact, no genuine efforts have been made to make the economy of the education system compatible with manpower requirements. Indian education policy only prepares clerks and low-level workers for the government and private companies.
No solid policy
The continuous increase in population and lack of resources are the main reasons for the growing unemployment in India. Despite knowing all this, no solid policy has been made by the government to balance the unemployment rate.

Resentment against the government
Due to unemployment, a feeling of distrust and anger towards the government is growing among the youth. Whichever government has been in power, it has not paid serious attention to the problem of unemployment. The retirement age should be less than 60 years. This will give new people a chance.
Closing factories
The government’s education policy, the monster of reservation, population growth, degrees acquired with money, closing factories, layoffs in government jobs are responsible for unemployment. The public is also responsible for this along with the government.
Corruption increased the problem
Due to corruption and reservation in the country, many eligible candidates become victims of unemployment. Commercialization of education and lack of quality is affecting the creativity of children. Due to this, their future is in danger. At present, the youth are forgetting their goals by getting caught in the clutches of western culture.

Need for employment generation policies

Among the ever-increasing problems of the country, unemployment is becoming the burning problem of the present. The reason for this is that India is a young nation and this problem is directly related to the youth of the country. At present, this problem is taking a fatal form. The youth are not getting the opportunity to pursue higher education.


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