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“देशभक्त मोहब्बत की दुकान खोलते हैं नफरत का बाजार नहीं चलाते”  राहुल गाँधी  

“देशभक्त मोहब्बत की दुकान खोलते हैं नफरत का बाजार नहीं चलाते”  राहुल गाँधी  

Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra reached Moradabad and Amroha on Saturday. The specialty of this Saturday’s visit was that Priyanka Gandhi also participated in it. On this occasion, Rahul Gandhi said that a slogan emerged from the Bharat Jodo Yatra, the shop of love has to be opened in the market of hatred.

  So the first task is to eliminate hatred. Brother is meant to embrace brother. This is the first task. Patriot unites the country. A patriot does not break the country. Patriots open a shop of love, not a market of hatred.

Hate cannot be divided by hatred. Hate is cut by love. There is only love in the hearts of all of you. You have to say that we will not be afraid, we will spread love and counter hatred with love. Rahul Gandhi said that the number of backward people, Dalits, tribals and minorities in the country is about 90 percent.

Therefore, the biggest question is, how much participation are they getting in the country? This is the biggest question. You take out the list of 200 biggest companies of the country. Not one of these 90 percent will be found among its owners.

I ask how many in the media are in the 90 percent. is not one. Take out the names of media owners and not a single tribal, dalit, minority or OBC will be found among these 90 percent. Find out the names of the owners of private hospitals, not one of these 90 percent will be found in it.

These 90 percent people are not getting any participation in the big companies of India, in the High Court, in universities and on big positions in the media. Rahul said that if 90 percent participation is required then the first step is caste census.

Rahul Gandhi has alleged that Modi government first makes people fight among themselves and then loots your money. Your money is being looted and given to Adani. 

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