HomeStatesDoes BJP want to conquer Bengal by raising the issue of Sandeshkhali?

Does BJP want to conquer Bengal by raising the issue of Sandeshkhali?

Does BJP want to conquer Bengal by raising the issue of Sandeshkhali?

On Wednesday 6 March, PM Modi will once again be in West Bengal. He will also address a women’s rally in Barasat in North 24 Parganas district on this day. This rally can be very special for BJP. It is also important to hold a women’s rally here because Sandeshkhali is situated at some distance from the place of the rally in this district. It is believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will strongly attack the West Bengal government and TMC through this rally.
From this place he will address women across the country. He can raise the issues of oppression of women here in Sandeshkhali and target the ruling TMC of the state. This rally of PM before International Women’s Day is considered very important politically.
It is believed that in this rally the PM may attack the Mamata Banerjee government on the issues of women’s safety in West Bengal. Women from Sandeshkhali are also likely to attend this rally. BJP wants to set the agenda of West Bengal in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections through this rally here.
Political analysts believe that despite millions of efforts, BJP could not defeat TMC in the last assembly elections, a major reason for that was the support of women voters of the state to TMC. Till now it has been believed that due to having a woman CM, the women of the state like TMC more than other parties.
Now BJP wants to reduce the support that TMC is getting by raising the issue of Sandeshkhali. BJP feels that if even some percentage of women voters come to BJP from TMC, it can prove to be a big game changer in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This is the reason why she wants to make the issue of Sandeshkhali a big issue in the Lok Sabha elections.
Winning West Bengal is still a big challenge for the BJP. BJP wants to register a big victory from here in the Lok Sabha elections. In such a situation, she does not want to leave any opportunity to corner the Mamata Banerjee government. Political analysts believe that coincidentally BJP has got a big issue in the form of Sandeshkhali. BJP now wants to capitalize on this issue before the Lok Sabha elections.
This is why BJP has already asked the leaders in West Bengal to protest against the Sandeshkhali incident and raise it among the common people. With a strong strategy, BJP is raising this issue in the state and proving TMC and other opposition parties to be anti-women. Along with this, the promotion of welfare schemes run by the Modi government at the Center for women has also been intensified in the state. People’s attention is being drawn towards these schemes.

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