HomeStatesMany secrets of the Baba who caused the accident in Hathras have been revealed.

Many secrets of the Baba who caused the accident in Hathras have been revealed.

Many secrets of the Baba who caused the accident in Hathras have been revealed.

#News Bureau 5 July,2024

What was the real reason for the stampede after the satsang in Hathras… The stampede did happen, but why did it happen and the crowd went on crushing women and children. Whose main fault was it… even the mistake, there was an attempt to hide the evidence. All these things have been mentioned in the FIR registered under serious sections in the Hathras case and on the basis of initial investigation, a case has been registered against the main sevadar Devprakash Madhukar and other unknown organizers, sevadars. In the FIR registered under the Indian Justice Code, section 105 of culpable homicide and section 238 of hiding evidence were also imposed. However, the big thing is that the name of Jagat Guru Saakar Vishvhari Bhole Baba is not there in this FIR.

By not arresting Baba, the government and administration are trying to cover up Baba’s misdeeds.

Why doesn’t Yogi Baba get a bulldozer run on his ashrams?

Read the FIR registered by Hathras Police exactly..

Inspector in charge, Police Station Sikandrarao District Hathras Sir, it is to be informed that on 02.07.2024, a program was proposed to organize a satsang of Jagat Guru Sakar Vishvhari Bhole Baba near GT Road in the middle of village Fullerai Mughalgarhi in police station area Sikandrarao, whose organizer was the main sevadar Devprakash Madhukar son Ram Singh resident of New Colony, Damdpura town and police station Si. Rau district Hathras and other sevadar associates. The organizer had sought permission to gather a crowd of about 80000 (devotees) in this program while hiding the situation of lakhs of crowd gathering in the previous programs of his organization. In view of this, the police administration made arrangements for the security, peace and traffic management of the gathering crowd, but a crowd of more than two and a half lakh devotees from various districts of the state and neighbouring states gathered to attend the program, due to which and as a result of the organizer not following the conditions of the permission, traffic on GT Road was disrupted, which was being tried to be normalized by the police and administrative officials posted on duty.

After the sermon of the main preacher of the program, Surajpal alias Bhole Baba, while leaving the venue in his car, at around 2 pm, devotees, women, men and children started removing dust from the path of his car. Due to the pressure of the unbridled crowd of lakhs of devotees leaving the venue, the devotees sitting on the ground and bending down started getting crushed and there was a lot of screaming. On the other side of GT road, the crowd running and getting crushed in the water and mud filled in the fields about three meters deep was forcefully stopped by the organizing committee and sevadars with the sticks in their hands, due to which the pressure of the crowd of lakhs of people kept increasing and women, children and men kept getting crushed and moving. Due to the injuries sustained in the stampede, the condition of women, children and men became like death. The police and administrative officials present on the spot made every possible effort and with great difficulty the injured/unconscious people who were crushed under the pressure of the crowd of lakhs were sent to the hospital with the available resources, but no cooperation was provided by the organizers and volunteers.

Due to this serious incident, many people were injured, in which many people died. The injured were sent for treatment to hospitals in Hathras, Aligarh, Etah etc. The higher authorities were informed about the incident and additional police force and resources were demanded for relief and rescue work. The organizers had called a large number of people by hiding the number of people to be gathered in the program. Also, the conditions of permission for traffic control at the event venue were not followed by the organizer.

The evidence was hidden by picking up the clothes, shoes, slippers left at the spot of the injured people and throwing them in the crop in the nearby field to stop the people running wildly under the pressure of the crowd and hiding them. In this way, a large number of innocent people have been killed and seriously injured due to this act of the organizers and sevadaars. This act of the organizers and sevadaars is a crime under Section 105/110/126(2)/223/238 of the Indian Penal Code 2023.

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