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No relief to Kejriwal, court said – arrest justified, ED has enough evidence

No relief to Kejriwal, court said – arrest justified, ED has enough evidence

Delhi High Court on Tuesday rejected Kejriwal’s petition challenging his arrest as illegal. The High Court said that ED has enough evidence. While reading the verdict in this case, the court said- ED’s evidence includes statements of hawala dealers, a member of AAP etc. The names have not been disclosed in the decision. This Court is of the view that the ED is able to show, in view of sufficient material, statements of the approvers, that money was given to him for the Goa elections. This completes the money trail related to money sent for Goa elections.
According to Live Law, Justice Swarn Kanta Sharma also upheld the subsequent remand orders, including the order sending Kejriwal to judicial custody.

Tuesday’s decision of the Delhi High Court made it clear that the Aam Aadmi Party chief will remain in Delhi’s Tihar Jail till April 15. The ED, which had Kejriwal’s custody after his arrest, did not seek extension of the period but argued against his release. The ED alleged in the court that the AAP leader was “non-cooperative” during several interrogation sessions. ED has termed Kejriwal as the “kingpin” of the scam. The court said on Tuesday-

During a hearing in the High Court on April 3, Kejriwal had questioned the “timing” of his arrest. The Chief Minister had said that his arrest was against the basic structure of the Constitution as it would hamper the level playing field in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. On Kejriwal’s arguments challenging the timing of his arrest before the general elections,

The ED had said in response – “If a common man has committed a crime then he has to go behind the bars but because you are a Chief Minister you cannot be arrested? You will loot the country but no one can touch you because Elections are coming? You say you will be arrested” so will the basic structure be violated? What kind of infrastructure is this?”the court said on Tuesday-

The Chief Minister had earlier claimed that there was no real evidence of his involvement in the alleged scam, but the agency insisted that it had traced the movement of money.

you will go to supreme court
After the High Court’s decision, the Aam Aadmi Party said in its official statement that it does not agree with Tuesday’s decision of the High Court. She will appeal against this in the Supreme Court. In a press conference after the decision, Delhi Minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said – “We will go to the Supreme Court, we have full faith in the Supreme Court that just as Sanjay Singh has got relief from the Supreme Court, similarly Arvind Kejriwal will also get relief from the Supreme Court. Will get.”

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