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Om Birla: ‘Is he an artist dancing to the tune of BJP?

Om Birla: ‘Is he an artist dancing to the tune of BJP?

#News Bureau June 26,2024

Om Birla has been elected as BJP MP from Kota in Rajasthan for the third time and on Wednesday 26 June he was elected Speaker of the Lok Sabha by voice vote. The opposition protested symbolically. But when the BJP has the support of parties like Nitish Kumar’s JDU, famous as Paltu Ram, Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP, known for opportunism, and Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSRCP, who is afraid of ED-CBI, then its desired controversial person was bound to become the Speaker. Riding on the shoulders of Om Birla, the BJP high command (Modi-Shah) is now going to take all those big decisions, about which the BJP people themselves used to talk before the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

Om Birla gave rise to many controversies not only in Parliament but also outside Parliament. During the Kota Lok Sabha elections, his IAS daughter Anjali Birla openly campaigned for him. But the Election Commission never took cognizance of it. There was never any debate on this in the media. However, there was also a controversy over Anjali’s selection. She had given the UPSC exam in 2019. She was selected from the Consolidated Reserve List of UPSC. As the controversy grew, UPSC said in 2021 that it makes such a consolidated reserve list, through which IAS is later appointed. But for this, such candidates have to pass the preliminary and main examination. Leaving this controversy here, it is important to talk about the decisions taken by Om Birla in the previous Parliament.

Controversial decisions as Speaker
In parliamentary history, Om Birla will be remembered only for suspending opposition MPs and excluding serious allegations of opposition leaders from parliamentary proceedings. The speaker is certainly from the largest party, but after sitting on the Speaker’s chair, he does not belong only to his own party. Especially when a single party has a huge majority in Parliament, this is where the speaker has to show his neutrality and strategic skills. But Om Birla created history by suspending about 140 opposition members. And all this was done to pass the three judicial criminal codes that will replace the CrPC. The three codes are going to be implemented from July 1. All three judicial codes are anti-democracy and freedom of expression in the country will have to face new threats. Speaker Om Birla allowed all three codes to be passed without debate.

This also happened under the guidance of Om Birla. When Rahul Gandhi used to stand up to speak in Parliament, the camera of Lok Sabha TV was on Om Birla and only Rahul’s voice could be heard. The button of the mic of many vocal MPs was turned off. Rahul Gandhi is now the Leader of Opposition. It remains to be seen how Om Birla behaves towards the Leader of Opposition in the 18th Lok Sabha.

Om Birla did not allow debate on these two issues as well. And this was not his own decision. He was doing this on someone’s behest.

China’s intrusion into Indian border. Clashes on many borders countless times. Debate on this issue was not allowed in the Lok Sabha.

Ethnic genocide in Manipur, gang rape, burning of three hundred churches. Debate was not allowed on these as well. The Prime Minister did not consider it necessary to inquire about the well-being of the tribals of Manipur till date.

Om Birla was a champion in stopping the entry of media into Parliament. Under the guise of Covid restrictions, the then Lok Sabha Speaker Birla stopped the entry of a large section of the media. All this was being done as a part of a well thought out plan. Media persons who had entry in the Parliament were monitored earlier as well. It is not very difficult to understand for whom all this was being done.
Birla’s love for Brahmins

There was a lot of controversy over Om Birla’s casteist comment on Twitter. At that time he had just become the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, so he used to attend every small and big program in Kota. On 8 September 2029, while participating in the Kota meeting of Brahmin Mahasabha, Birla, as the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, had said – Brahmins have always had a high position in the society. This position is the result of their sacrifice and penance. This is the reason why the Brahmin community has always been in the role of a guide.

People got angry with this comment of Om Birla and many demanded his resignation from the post of Lok Sabha Speaker. Gujarat MLA and Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani asked Om Birla to publicly apologize for supporting the caste system. Jignesh said- “This celebration of the Indian caste system is not only reprehensible but also insulting! It is a joke for us that a casteist person like him is our Lok Sabha Speaker. He should publicly apologize for this attitude.”

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