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NCERT made changes in the history of class 12th, Harappans were the original inhabitants.

NCERT made changes in the history of class 12th, Harappans were the original inhabitants.

Did the Aryans come from outside or were they the people who lived in the Harappan civilization? Different facts and arguments have been given regarding this fact, but now NCERT has made a big change in the 12th class history book. This change takes into account the claim that recent studies of ancient DNA from archaeological sources at Rakhigarhi, an Indus Valley site in Haryana, refute the fact of Aryan migration. It also says that more research is needed on whether the Harappan and Vedic people were the same.

These major changes have been made in the history book for class 12 students on the origin and fall of the Harappan civilization. These changes have been made for the academic year 2024-25. The Indian Express reports that the corrections and deletions related to the Harappan Civilization have been justified on the grounds that ‘recent evidence from archaeological sites demands correction to that chapter’. The changes mainly emphasize the ‘unbroken continuity for 5000 years’ of the Harappan civilization. Recent archaeological research conducted at the Rakhigarhi site has been cited to refute Aryan immigration and suggest that the Harappans adopted some form of democratic system.

The report said that in order to emphasize the continuity of the Harappan civilization, NCERT has removed an important sentence from the book which says that ‘it seems that there was a gap between the Early Harappan and the Harappan civilization. This is evident from large-scale arson at some places and also from abandonment of some settlements.

NCERT has added three new paragraphs on the recent DNA study at Rakhigarhi which mainly rejects Aryan immigration and emphasizes that ‘the Harappans were the original inhabitants of the region.’ According to the report of the English newspaper, in the new paragraph related to the archaeological research in Rakhigarhi, it is said, ‘The genetic roots of the Harappans go back to 10,000 BC. The DNA of the Harappans persists to this day and the majority of the South Asian population appears to be their descendants. The Harappans’ trade and cultural contacts with distant regions resulted in a small amount of mixing of genes. The uninterrupted continuity of genetic history as well as cultural history rules out large-scale immigration of the so-called Aryans. This research also shows that people coming from border areas and remote areas were assimilated into Indian society. At any stage, the genetic history of Indians was neither stopped nor continuity was broken. As the Harappans started moving towards Iran and Central Asia, their genes also gradually spread to those areas.’

Apart from this, a sentence has also been added calling for more research on the relationship between the Harappan and Vedic people. It adds, ‘More research is also needed on the relationship between the Harappan and Vedic people as some scholars have argued that the Harappan civilization and the Vedic people had the same authors.’ NCERT says that this sentence has been added for the critical thinking of the students.

Let us tell you that regarding ancient Indian history, pre-Marxist Indian historians believe that the source of Indian civilization lies in the indigenous people who called themselves Aryans and were similar to the Vedic people. In contrast, Marxist historians support the Aryan migration theory, arguing that the Harappans were pre-Vedic.

Last year, it was reported that NCERT had either removed or reduced the chapters and sections dealing with the Gandhi assassination and the role of Nathuram Godse and Rashtriya Swayamsevak in it. Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse has been described as a ‘Brahmin from Pune’ and ‘editor of an extremist Hindu newspaper’ in a Class 12 history book which had condemned Gandhiji as a ‘Muslim appeaser’. It was being taught as a political science course to class 12 students for more than 15 years.

Last year, lessons related to Mughals were removed from class 12th of CBSE and UP Board. Similar changes were also made in classes 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Such changes are being made continuously for the last few years.

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When the government was criticized regarding this, the government also stood firm and kept saying that these changes would take place. The BJP led central government has been claiming that earlier history was distorted.

In 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, remembering Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his 125th birth anniversary, had said that earlier attempts were made to limit history and now those mistakes are being rectified. Along with Modi, many other BJP leaders have also been alleging that Congress did not give the respect that they should have got to great personalities like Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabh Bhai. However, experts in these matters have been terming these allegations of BJP as wrong.

He had said that if Savarkar had not been there, the truth of the revolution of 1857 would not have come out.

Then Amit Shah had said that history cannot be created by governments. He urged the society to take the initiative to present history in its true form. Expressing sadness over the many wars fought by Indian kings against invaders being forgotten, Amit Shah said battles like that of the Ahom kings in Assam and the Marathas led by Shivaji in the north-western region have given India a place where it belongs. It is today.

The Home Minister had said, ‘It is a fact that some people have distorted history. He wrote whatever he wanted. So who can stop us? No one can stop us. History is not made by governments, rather it is made on true events.

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Both the RSS and the BJP have been alleging that the history books were written by leftist historians who ignored the contribution of Hindu kings and kingdoms. Amit Shah has been urging writers and filmmakers to work on ‘bringing out the truth of history’.

Amit Shah had said, ‘If we start researching and writing on history, it will start debate and the young generation will start discussion. But it is a long journey… Many important events were forgotten as the dust of time settled over them. We have to find them out and bring them before the people to awaken the society. He said that the battle of those kings who

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