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Why is PM Modi calling himself sent by God?

Why is PM Modi calling himself sent by God?

Hash#ag News,May25,2024

Now the Lok Sabha elections are going to be over, but in the midst of campaign,PM Modi began portraying himself as a divine emissary. About fifteen days ago, in an interview with News 18, PM Modi claimed that he was not born biologically but was sent by God to fulfill a mission. He has since reiterated this claim in almost every interview, including a recent one on India TV. This raises the question: what is his motive behind this narrative?

Is his divine claim a strategic move to gain an advantage in the elections? Is it a sign that the BJP’s position is not strong, prompting such statements? Or does PM Modi have another plan for after the elections?

Before finding answers to these questions, know what kind of things the PM has been saying. During a recent interview with News18, Modi said, ‘When my mother was alive, I believed that I was biologically born. After reflecting on all my experiences after his demise I became convinced that God had sent me. This energy cannot come from my biological body, but is given to me by God…. Whenever I do anything, I believe that God is guiding me.

Prime Minister Modi is calling himself a person sent by God when the four Shankaracharyas of Hindu religion had expressed their displeasure over PM Modi’s attitude regarding the consecration of Ram temple. Shankaracharya, considered the highest religious leader in Hinduism, had said that whatever is being done for the consecration of Lord Ram temple in Ayodhya is a violation of both the accepted practices of the holy religious books and the Constitution. He had refused to attend the function organized by Ram Kshetra Tirtha Trust on January 22.

Let us tell you that Modi himself had taken all the roles of the priest in the consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya. Shankaracharyas had expressed their displeasure on this. His objection was also to the fact that the consecration of the temple should be done only after the complete construction of the temple. It was said that only husband and wife can do Pran Pratistha together. Along with this, many other questions were also raised.

BJP leaders have been referring to PM Modi as an incarnation of God. Several BJP leaders, including Giriraj Singh and Kangana Ranaut, have made such claims. Recently, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, who is contesting elections in Odisha, caused controversy by stating, “Lord Jagannath is a devotee of Modi.” Fearing a backlash, he later claimed it was a slip of the tongue, apologized, and fasted as penance.

Last month, Kangana Ranaut called PM Modi an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and a few days earlier, she had described him as an incarnation of Shri Ram. In January, Union Minister Giriraj Singh compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a divine incarnation, saying that just as God would take birth in some form when atrocities increased, Narendra Modi has incarnated as a man in the current age.

Rahul Gandhi made fun of biological statement
However, Rahul Gandhi made fun of the claims made by PM Modi in the interview. Rahul Gandhi had recently said in a public meeting, ‘Narendra Modi says in an interview that I am not biological. Meaning, all the people and creatures of India are biological, but Narendra Modi is not biological. Modi ji says that God has sent me and his lackeys say – Wow, wow, wow, what a thing he has said. Rahul Gandhi further took a dig at PM Modi’s statement and said, ‘I mean, people kept dying due to Covid, those whom God has sent, are saying to play the plate, turn on the light of the mobile. Tell me, what kind of man has God sent?

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