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Iran-Israel face to face, US restless, know what is Netanyahu’s strategy?

Iran-Israel face to face, US restless, know what is Netanyahu’s strategy?

Hash#ag News Bureau April14,2024

Two days ago, Israel bombed the Iranian embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus and destroyed it. Several Iranian officers and commanders (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC) were killed in this attack. Iran organized Namaz-e-Janaza for these people on Friday. Iran vowed to avenge the killing of senior commanders and other officers of its elite Quds force. After Iran’s warning, the fear of war in this region has increased further. Iran has warned America to stay away from conflict with Israel. Everyone’s leave in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) has been cancelled. The Biden administration in America is holding meetings after meetings. He is worried that Iran might attack its targets. Because America has many bases in the Gulf region. Which Iran has attacked before also.
America and Israel are not concerned about Iran alone. Pro-Iranian military organization Hezbollah has also warned that whatever reaction will come from Iran will definitely come but Hezbollah will also respond to it. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said Friday that his group “will not interfere” in response to Iran. But after that the region will enter a new phase. Nasrallah said Hezbollah is “fully prepared.

According to the New York Times, US President Joe Biden discussed the threat from Iran by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the same day. A senior Biden administration official said, “Our teams have been in regular and ongoing contact since then. The United States fully supports Israel’s defense against threats from Iran.”
Saturday is the 183rd day of war between Israel and Hamas in Palestine. Israel Defense Force caused massive devastation in Gaza and destroyed it. Israel alleges that Hamas and other Palestinian fighting organizations get help from Iran and Hezbollah. For this reason he will also target Iran. But this is not the reason for the attack. America has been supporting Israel on the issue of Palestine for a long time. But the presidential elections in America are coming closer and there has been a flood of anti-Israel protests in America. This is the reason why America has also started threatening Israel. Even on a resolution in the United Nations, the US took an anti-Israel stance.

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